Welcome to Wake Up and Smell the Freedom. This website has been created for those who want to educate themselves on what it is to be an American. We cover the Constitution and how it pertains to American life, the political system, Economics and the ideas of personal freedom and personal liberty. Most can agree that the United States has lost its way. Only by educating ourselves and then becoming involved can we hope to restore our republic.

Just like coffee, our site comes in various strengths. It is suggested that you start with the lighter side of the education process. Take time to unlearn what you have been fed by the mainstream media. Get yourself a cup of coffee (or your drink of choice) and take it one tab at a time. The tabs are set up left to right with each tab’s information building on the one before it. For those who don’t have time and have to take their coffee on the run, that’s OK, we’ve got ya covered.  Many of the lectures are downloadable files to upload to your Mp3 player for learning on the run.

We are only an email away if you need additional information or just want to chat about what you have read, heard or watched.  Can’t wait to discuss what you’ve learned?  No problem, go to our Facebook Page or Google Plus Page (see below) and join to interact with others and get those brain cells a rubbin’ together.

Once you have a good feel for the lighter side take a plunge into the stronger stuff and go to “THE DARK ROAST”. These articles and videos go further into the philosophy of freedom, what the Constitution means, deeper political and economic thought as well as what the true vision of our country was in the words of the Founders through their writings, the discussions and arguments they had with each other during our nations founding.

To quote Thomas Jefferson:

“….whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government; that, whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them right.”


“In questions of power then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

In our society, we are inundated with information: text messages, “tweets”, commercials, sound bites, etc. Sadly, with all of this information, there is very little knowledge. Today, if you were to stop and ask someone questions like:

  • What form of government do we have?
  • Can you explain the difference between the national debt and the deficit?
  • In our current monetary system, do you think it is better to have our current fiat system or was the classical gold standard better?
  • What is the role of the U.S. Constitution? The State Constitutions?
  • Does our trade deficit hurt us in the global market?
  • Can you explain the political relationship between the Federal Government and the State Governments?

You will probably be met with blank stares, a shrug of the shoulders, or an “I don’t know”. Questions like these can sound hard, scary or maybe even boring but, knowing the answers to things like this are critical to understand the things that are affecting your life. They:

  • Affect the prices you pay in the supermarket, for a car and most everything else you buy
  • Can determine how you are allowed to raise your children
  • Can affect the price of your utilities or who you are allowed to purchase from
  • Affect your home ownership and property as well as what you are allowed to do with them.
  • And on and on…

They are also critical in being able to make an informed opinion on the candidates we select to represent us in office and the legislation that is passed. In our society, politics has been boiled down to a sports like mentality. People pick either a Democrat or a Republican and then cheer their “team” in the elections. This, sadly, is the problem with the direction of our nation. People no longer seek knowledge or have political discussions beyond typical partisan talking points.

That is why “Wake Up And Smell The Freedom” was started. To give people an environment to openly ask questions and discuss without having to feel silly, ashamed, or embarrassed. We try to make the environment as friendly and laid back as possible and our discussions are topic driven not partisan. Many people are surprised that the answers too many of the questions above and many other questions are really not that difficult if you have just some basic understandings. So, come join us and make some great friends along the way as we journey down the path of knowledge.








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