The Dark Roast

For Those Who Like Their
Knowledge Strong

Welcome to THE DARK ROAST section of Wake Up And Smell The Freedom. Here there are no holds barred. This section is for the person that wants to learn it ALL. They are not afraid to do the reading and heavy mental lifting that this site gives.

Here you can really break down the Constitution and other subjects with the heavy hitters in the field. We tackle the founding documents, economics, foreign policy, domestic policy, you name it! We have PDF books and papers, lectures, and links to anything and everything from the perspective of freedom.

*WARNING* If you haven’t gone through all the previous sections (tabs) of the site first we highly recommended that you learn everything in those sections before tackling this one.

PLEASE NOTE: This site is a work in progress but, will never be truly finished as there is always knowledge to be gained.

The Constitution (Dark Roast)

A deeper look and understanding of the Constiution through historical texts.


The Dark Roast now elevates the conversation from merely "money" to the actual theory of economics and how it affects us.


Moving on to the very foundational theory that makes America so different from other cultures and ways of life.

Natural Law

Natural law is the foundation on which our legal system was founded to this very day.


The fundamental principle of "self ownership" extends to the concept of how we recieve care.

Foreign Policy

It's not only important how we interact with our government but, how it interacts with the world.

The Welfare State

When you forcefully take from one and give to another the government gains control over both.